Leakage Testing

How to check your cable network for unwanted leakage.

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1. The VIAVI Leakage Portfolio

2. LAW-X Leakage Analysis Software

3. How to find and fix leakage in daily life

Signal Leakage refers to the loss or egress of radio frequency (RF) signals from a cable system when it is not properly contained. Leakage monitoring in the 108-137 MHz aeronautical band has being performed since the 1970’s to protect the aviation communcation systems.

Today, both signal loss (egress) and signals entering the cable system (ingress) are once again the focus of monitoring, as the heavy use of mobile data services can result in possible interference with LTE signals, which can impair the transmission quality of both the cable and mobile radio signals . That is why leakage testing is becoming more and more important in order to guarantee the optimal function and health of the cable network.

VIAVI offers a new generation of leakage testing devices (Seeker-X) and signal taggers (CT-X), which can be optimally adapted to your network and enable the clear allocation of unwanted signal emissions by marking (tagging) the carrier signal.

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The VIAVI Leakage Portfolio

In combination with the signal tagger CT-X, the new Seeker-X offers the option of tagging up to 4 frequencies in parallel and checking the network for egress. These 4 frequencies can be freely selected in the frequency range of 130 - 1220 MHz to match your channel plan. The necessary settings can be made centrally in the StrataSync cloud platform from VIAVI and can be transferred immediately to the CT-X in the headend and to the technician on site and the Seeker-X using the mobile tech app, without losing any time.

Using different antennas (for vehicle assembly as well as for manual use and different frequency bands) for the Seeker-X, the entire frequency range from 130 - 1220 MHz can be checked via rideout or walkout  (see e.g. WFS-1 and WFS-2)

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VIAVI Leakage Testing