Intelligent WiFi solution for home networking

The gateway is the controller in this system, Wi-Fi extenders provide additional access points where coverage in the home is poor. ARRIS extenders are easy for subscribers to install and configure, which reduces installation and support costs. The extenders use the ARRIS Home Network Extender (HNE) protocol to automatically use the same SSID as the gateway, and to automate other configuration and provisioning tasks.

ARRIS DOCSIS Gateway with HomeAssure

  • The extenders are connected via ethernet or 5 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Mobile App controls the Gateway

ARRIS HomeAssure - Optimizing Wi-Fi Performance

ARRIS HomeAssure-Pic 1


ARRIS HomeAssure Solution Control

  • Wi-Fi network is optimizing itself for maximum performance
  • Devices connect to optimal Access Point
  • Devices change Access Point if overloaded

HomeAssure Mobile App

  • View Network / connected Devices
  • View Status Information & Device Details
  • View SSIDs & Passwords
  • Configuration of parameters: Wi-Fi Settings etc.
  • Configuration of Guest Access
  • Configuration of Parental Control
  • Wi-Fi Speed Tests between Gateway/Extender – Testing of services
  • Wi-Fi Spot Meter: Coloured graph of WiFi networks (depending on power)
  • Support Access

ARRIS HomeAssure-Pic 2

ARRIS TG 3442, TG 2492, VAP 4641