VIAVI Home Leakage
Test Kit

"Pressurize" the home coaxial network

This simple, efficient solution helps techs tighten up the home coaxial network to help eliminate intermittent issues related to leakage and ingress without requiring a specific leakage meter.

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Home Leakage Test

Ingress has long been a performance impediment for HFC high speed data services, and cable companies have intensified their efforts to combat this problem.  Most of this ingress begins in the home, making detection while the tech is present for installation or service call critical. VIAVI is offering a simple solution that saves techs time and enables them to tighten the home coaxial network to avoid repeat service calls.

Historically, signal leakage detectors have required high levels of sensitivity to measure signal leakage radiating from the CATV system. In the home coaxial network signal levels are lower than outside plant levels, and the migration to all digital services means even greater sensitivity is needed in a leak detector.  When this is combined with a new requirement to simultaneously monitor for signal leakage in both the aeronautical and LTE bands detection becomes especially challenging.

Introducing Home Leakage Testing (EN)

VIAVI Home Leakage Test Kit