The affordable, easy-to-use handheld tester for techs at any level

Powerful Connectivity

Several connectivity options (3G/4G smartphones via USB and optional Bluetooth/WiFi) enable remote control as well as data and work-order transfers to-and-from tablets, smartphones, and computers. The SmartOTDR quickly resolves field issues in real time, and optional SmartAccess Anywhere (SAA) can open a tunnel in the cloud so a technician can remotely access and operate the instrument. Compatible with a wide range of cloud servers (WebDAV service providers), the SmartOTDR can also instantly share measurement reports using onboard FastReport .pdf report generation.

SmartOTDR-Pic 1

TDR includes a one-year trial of cloud-based StrataSync™ for asset,
configuration, and test-data management, and to ensure that all
instruments have the latest software and options installed.

SmartOTDR-Pic 2

SmartOTDR with optional P5000i Fiber Microscope